Picture yourself in the downtown core. Itís lunchtime so there is a lot of foot traffic and vehicles. As you're standing in line for food, you happen to notice a piano strapped to the back of a pickup truck driving by... Finally you get your food and start walking back to work.

On the way back you notice a large crowd gathered around the pickup you just saw in traffic. Your curiosity has been sparked so you walk over to the crowd. All of a sudden something comes to life. A loud blast of piano comes from the truck. Metal pieces begin to "wake up". The truck is transforming right in front of your eyes!

A 10 foot tail fan begins to unfold... and as it does a Music Man takes a seat in front of the piano. He begins to play. The First note he strikes ignites a fury of LEDís on what you now recognize as a peacock's tail fan - made of organ pipes! As the music plays, people start to move a little. Smiles spread across the crowd. Everybody is in awe of how Arts, Engineering and Science have just harmonized into a fantastic spectacle - Pavo Concertus, the giant, musical, steampunk peacock!

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Financial support was used to purchase the truck, additional tools and equipment, electrical components, and raw materials. Because of the critical aesthetics of this project, the team would like to avoid placing large decals with sponsor logos on the vehicle. As a substitute, website advertising can be offered, as well as logos on nameplates that are well integrated into the steampunk theme.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through Invest YYC. We would like to recognize the following individuals for their very generous contributions:

  • Xiao Phing Lim
  • CK Chua
  • Dennis Wong
  • M. Chan
  • Claudia Chan
  • Hafiz Datoo
  • Carmen Maier
  • Bhagavath Sreekumar

We are also extremely grateful to those that have supported us in other ways, such as providing work space and sharing expertise.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of individuals with expertise in manufacturing, vehicle modification, electrical engineering, and artistic design. Many of our members are alumni of the Calgary Solar Car Team or the Schulich Off-Road Vehicle Team.


Isabel Chan

Isabel inherited the project February of this year and has been eagerly snowballing it to something magnificent. She enjoys collecting perspectives, ambitious people, and magnificent resources. She has had years of experience working for science camps, finnicky control systems, the Calgary Solar Team, and the Calgary swing dancing community.


Ravi Mani

Ravi is a Communications and Marketing graduate from the University of Calgary. His love for design and manufacturing were realized while managing the aerodynamic development side of the University of Calgary Solar Team. He is a strong believer in building a strong team and has a "Get'er done" approach to manufacturing. Ravi is thrilled to be part of this orchestra!


Tannis Troyer

Tannis is a University of Calgary Kinesiology graduate with a passion for art, design, and technology. She was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with fellow team mates on the University of Calgary Solar Car Team as the driver fitness trainer. Aside from a passion for health and fitness, Tannis also enjoys learning web design, development, and computer programming. In fact, she is currently studying software development at SAIT! As part of Pavo Concertus, she has had the great opportunity to learn more about engineering and fabrication, including welding!


Carmen Lau

Carmen granduated from mechanical engineering at the University of Calgary. She has a passion for art and expressing creativity through visual media. Being on the Pavo Concertus team allows her to combine both her passions, engineering and art. She is looking to broaden her technical skills and gain experience beyond the books through this unique and challenging project.


Michael Purdy

Michael joined the Pavo Concertus team a little later in the game, but is super excited to use his recently official Electrical Engineering skills in a project as cool as this one. His love of awesome beats and his new-found interest in street arts combine to form the perfect mix of drive and enthusiasm towards what will be a definite, steam-punky masterwork!


Bryan Guscott

Bryan is a fourth year electrical engineering student at the University of Calgary who has a passion for engineering. Being a University of Calgary Solar Team alumni, he is extremely excited to be working on a new car. Being surrounded by the other talented people of Pavo Concertus, he is looking forward to creating something awesome that everyone will be sure to notice!


Alan Yee

Alan graduated from the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Calgary. He's a University Solar Car Team Alumni looking forward to contributing to another exciting team project and getting some hands on experience applying his electrical knowledge. Ask to see Alan's victory dance! Guaranteed to amuse.


Mike Paradis

Mike joined the Pavo team in July when he heard there was need for a programmer to handle the several strands of LED used to light up the car. Using his experience with microcontrollers from personal projects and computer engineering courses at the University of Calgary, he hopes to make the future of Pavo Concertus a bright one!


Isabel Chan
Team Lead